Diamond Scientist or Scientist?

2013 March 7
by Don Hammack

Diamond ScientistsBack on May 29, 1906, Birmingham defeated New Orleans 3-0 in a Southern League game that took 78 minutes. That’s apparently 10 minutes shorter than the fifth inning of a May 8, 2004, game between Detroit and Texas. For such wizardry, the next day’s Times-Picayune newspaper labeled the players “Diamond Scientists.”

Figure out which of these legendary figures are Diamond Scientists or just plain ole Scientists.

Diamond Scientist or ScientistThe always trustworthy Wikipedia tells us this man was either one of the most important observational cosmologists of the 20th century or struck out five consecutive future Hall of Famers in the 1934 All-Star Game. Click the photo to reveal the answer.

Diamond Scientist or ScientistThis man was either the German theoretical physicist invented quantum theory or has more shutouts than any left-hander in history. Guess and click.

Diamond Scientist or ScientistThis man was either a Greek five-tool smart guy (mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, astronomer) who created the foundation of hydrostatics and invented a marvelous type of screw pump or a lifetime minor league nicknamed Archie who had a strange shoe fetish. Guess/click.

Diamond Scientist or ScientistThis guy created the periodic table or bounced around the major leagues and generally was viewed as an underachiever. Guess. Click.

Diamond Scientist or ScientistThis man is either the gentleman sailed around the world on the HMS Beagle and proposed the theory of natural selection that applies to all things in nature, including baseball (unless you’re a high draft pick with a big contract), or finished with a 171-182 record in the big leagues (you play in the bigs, you’re Diamond Scientist, dangit). Click. Guess. Wait, reverse that.

Diamond Scientist or ScientistThis man won the Nobel Prize for discovering how the chromosomes affect heredity or he was one of the great second baseball of all time who virtually the entire Interwebs wanted fired from his second career, so much that a whole website existed for that sole purpose. Click and be angered!

Diamond Scientist or ScientistThis man is almost as famous for his beard and the baseball card with him wearing a python or he was a mid-18th century Englishman who did experiments on frog limb regeneration. Click and be amazed!

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