Whoa, I’m in the flow, bro

2009 April 1
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by Don Hammack

Monday, I cut the grass. Getting home from work tonight, it’s been spitting rain. What does spitting rain do? Further accelerate the grass regrowing.

It’s truly a miracle that the green stuff around us grows, the birds fly to and fro, and the bees, well, you know. Why do I have to go back out and mow?

Watching grass grow

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  1. 2009 April 1

    We mow, we must because the grass–it loves to grow.
    You mow, I mow, we all mow because the grass–it really loves to grow.
    But most of all we mow and mow because the grass, well–it really doesn’t know
    That all this mowing only leads to mowing, mowing more.

    Mower more quoth the Raven, mower more.


  2. 2009 April 1

    Have another beer, dude.

  3. 2009 April 1
    Don Hammack permalink

    Actually, that was totally beer-free. Hey, it happens.

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