Nationals, Game 18: Cardinals 5, Nati0nals

2011 April 22
by Don Hammack

Record: 9-9. Standing: 3rd, 3 GB. Streak: L2.


Feeling good: Uh, not much to feel good about. I think Gorzelanny getting to the fifth means the Nats are still the only team not to have a starter yanked before the fifth all season, but he needed 108 pitches to do it. Looks like Brian Broderick had a good afternoon, too.

Feeling bad: Where’s the offense? Anybody who’s not a little concerned about Jayson Werth might want to start. I’m not typically one to panic, but he’s on his way to his worse month since 2007. Just because you pay a guy $126 million doesn’t turn him into Babe Ruth, but he’s not very productive right now with the bat in his hand. .209/.293/.358, Gulp.

Feeling shame: Meh.

Nationals or Natinals: They got a 0 because there was no O. Get the Pirates.

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