Nationals, Game 9: Nationals 7, Mets 3 (11 innings)

2011 April 10
by Don Hammack

Record: 4-5. Standing: Tied 3rd, 3 GB. Streak: W1.


Feeling good: I left to walk the Biloxi Bay Bridge with the Nats down 3-1. Smelled a little like a repetitious no-offense, good-pitching afternoon. Got back home pleasantly surprised by an extra-innings victory. Ivan Rodriguez is starting to get some hits, and the pitching staff struck out 17 guys. 17. Wow.

Feeling bad: I feel bad for doubting the Nats.

Feeling shame: I go to the box. Two minutes. I feel shame.

Nationals or Natinals: NatiOnals. (No ‘O’ for Saturday’s loss, though.)

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