Nationals, Game 3: Braves 11, Natinals 2

2011 April 3
by Don Hammack

Record: 1-2. Standing: 1-2, Tied 4th. Streak: L1.


Feeling good: Only about the starting pitching. Livan Hernandez, John Lannan and Jordan Zimmerman have combined for 17.1 IP and allowed six runs. I’ll take that. Their WHIP is under 1.

Feeling bad: Yeah, about everything else. Carla and I came back from dinner and the Braves were up 3-1 in the sixth inning. We did some super-exciting spring cleaning (housework!) and I turned the tube back on expecting not to find the game on. Oh, it was on, because Atlanta had piled up eight runs. Sounds like the bullpen was bad, defense was back to the 2010 vintage, and the bats managed just four hits.

Feeling shame: Brian Broderick (54.00) and Chad Gaudin (40.50) sport those crazy reliever first-weekend ERAs.

Nationals or Natinals: Natinals. No ‘O’. No doubt. 2-1 for the season.

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