Save It or Shave It

2011 April 8
by Don Hammack

Our Lady of Fatima in Biloxi is having it’s main yearly fundraiser, the International Spring Festival, coming up May 13-15.

The idea was pitched, by various people at various times (sometimes by the same people at different times), as you can save your hair if people pitch in $1,000, or you have to shave your head if people donate $1,000. It settled on something to the effect of, “If you volunteer, we’ll shave your head at the festival if you don’t raise $1,000.” (In fact, you can see a different iteration on the fest’s page.)

So I got to thinking. What’s the best way to raise money? What are people interested in? Do they want to see my bald pate, or do they want to do good deeds and save my flowing locks? I have a feeling I know the answer, and it’s the opposite of what the organizers settled on.

I’m going to give you the chance to decide: Save It or Shave It. I’ll take donations from anybody willing to cough up any amount. You vote with your pocket book. When we get to $1,000, whichever is in front, Save It or Shave It, wins. (I’ll gladly take any additional donations after that point, but I’ve got to set a finish line, right?) If I get buzzed by raising $1,000, I’ll use the chrome dome photo for a month on the various interweb places you might run across this. If I don’t raise $1K, you won’t deserve those pictures.

Ooooo, burn.

I know, I know. If you do nothing, donate nothing, I’ll get my head shaved. That’s fine, sit on your wallets. Reach for the bill with your alligator arms.

Or, you can donate, help a good cause, and make me look like a doofus. Contact me on Facebook, Twitter or here at dh _at_, and I’ll take your pledge and give you the address to send it to.

Thank you for your consideration.

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