Nationals, Game 2: Nationals 6, Braves 3

2011 April 2
by Don Hammack

Record: 1-1. Standing: Tied-2nd, 1 GB. Streak: W1.


Feeling good: Two games into the season, zero errors. Two games into the season, five runs allowed. Check, and check. Rick Ankiel gets a two-run home run and a squeeze-play RBI, thanks to some fine strategy by Jim Riggleman (managing!). Ankiel is teh suck against left-handers, so why not bunt a run home? Also, hello Jayson Werth! If only he and Ryan Zimmerman hit .500 all year long …

Feeling bad: Not a chance. First win. (But Adam LaRoche could do something with RISP at some point.)

Feeling shame: Not a chance. First win.

Nationals or Natinals: First win of the year deserves the ‘O’. Nationals.

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