Trying to score an electric blanket, or maybe a quilt

2011 March 11
by Don Hammack

I’m often surprised by what posts on Facebook draw the most comments. There are certain givens that seem to interest people: recipes, cute kids, amazing/funny/awful YouTube clips, sports rivalry posts, RIPs. But tonight, I threw up a random movie quote.

Now, this wasn’t a “Slap Shot” quote, or something from “Caddyshack.” No, this was a bit more obscure.

220, 221, whatever it takes.

The movie, if you didn’t recognize the quote, is 1983′s “Mr. Mom.” Roger Ebert didn’t like it, saying “(I)t’s too bad this movie doesn’t feel more like their lives and less like the pilot for a TV sitcom.” Ebert is my go-to guy for movie reviews, but he gave it two stars, and the contemporary reviews I found were in agreement. In the world of quotable movies, “Mr. Mom” is up there. (And I think if you press the “I Believe” button and just go with it, there are far worse ways to spend 91 minutes.)

It’s not “Slap Shot,” one of the best sports movies ever made (buy the book at that link, it’s a good one), and it’s not “Caddyshack.” What movies are, though?

Got a movie that you quote often?

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