That’s a real Red Devil

2011 February 26
by Don Hammack

Eric Cantona mosaic by Mark KennedyI’ve added a list of links over on the right, and this post was spawned by The Run of Play. Jeff Maysh writes about the great Eric Cantona, a Frenchman who played for Manchester United (among other teams). His is a piece about Cantona as anti-hero, and it is perhaps my favorite soccer highlight of all time (non-US national team category).

Cantona just toys with the Sunderland defense before playing a 1-2 with Brian McClair and chips the goalkeeper. The play is amazing, but there are others that are better, quite frankly. The glory of the moment comes in Cantona’s subsequent reaction, where a subdued celebration roars arrogance.

You should read Maysh’s post to learn more about him. He was a bastard, but a damned talented bastard.

Eric Cantona – ManU vs Sunderland 1996
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