Should I stay or should I go

2011 February 25
by Don Hammack

This party’s getting old. It’s the same old folks stuck in the same old room. The walls are kinda white, but there are weird shadows. We’ve been in here for weeks. There are no lights in here, but something outside shines through the wall 24 hours a day.

Some of the others in here look like me, but most of them of different. I guess we all shopped at the same store, because everybody has the same brand on their clothes.

There aren’t any nuts in here, thankfully. We are piled in here on top of each other, though. No damn furniture. Some of those gals in yellow look good, but there’s nowhere to get some alone time to make a move, much less anything else. You know, anything else.

I’d just like the lights to go out so I can catch a quick nap. The place jiggles around quite a bit, but I’m tired enough I could sleep through an earthquake. It doesn’t feel like an earthquake, but something’s happening. I can see shadows from stuff falling outside the walls. Then, every week or so, there’s a lot of noise. Sounds like something opening, then lots of crinkling. Muffled talking, sometimes whistling. Then it closes.

We’ve had all the conversations there are. How many times to I have to explain what it was like growing up brown? I think everybody would like to get out of here, see what’s next for us. When will it end?

I’m writing this note, but I don’t know if anybody will ever find it. If you do, please help me. I’m mighty bored.


This note was found by archaeologists excavating a building (sign: SUN HERALD) alongside a transportation corridor (sign: RAILROAD CROSSING). There was a device using a rudimentary power source in a room (sign: BREAK ROOM) which appeared to be a food dispensing station of some sort. When it was powered back up, pressing the buttons corresponding to a row of bags (label: E1) caused a warning to be displayed (flashing message: MAKE ANOTHER SELECTION). It appeared the building was last occupied 750 years ago, but the bags were labeled for expiration 800 years earlier. The note was in the first bag on row E1, labeled M&M’s.

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