Sean Payton, 76262

2011 February 8
by Don Hammack

The New Orleans Saints coach says his family is moving to the Dallas area (Westlake, zip code 76262, specfically). And Who Dat Nation is atwitter. He made an appearance on WWL Radio today, made unlistenable by inexpert interviewing by Bobby Hebert and the Big Chief. Note to Bobby and Chief: When you ask a question, let the subject respond completely; don’t interrupt the subject with what you hope/assume/pray to be the answer. I hesitate to post the link, but listen at your own discretion.

Sean Payton can be coach of the New Orleans Saints as long as he wants. Winning the Super Bowl guaranteed him that, but let’s play the game.

Concern: “We don’t want outsiders in our post-Katrina world.”
Fact: As long as the team wins, Payton can have homes in Charlotte, Atlanta, Tampa *and* St. Pete. He’ll probably be able to afford them, too.
Another fact: Future mentions of his property purchases will vary inversely with winning percentage. But he still has The Ring, my precious.

Concern: “Bu… Bu … But he’s living in Dallas. He’s gonna be the coach/GM of the Cowboys.”
Fact: If he wants to do that, he’s gonna do that. Think Thomas Benson *can* outspend Jerry Jones? Think he would if he could?

Concern: “He’s gonna be neighbors with the Jonas Brothers.”
Fact: That’s a valid concern.

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