Scoring a dBpm Records deal

2011 January 26
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by Don Hammack

Hmm. How to get released on Wilco’s new label

1. Learn to play an instrument.
I played trombone then trumpet a couple years in elementary school? Can I make that work?

B. Get good at playing an instrument.

3. Write some music.
Writing daily in this blog hasn’t worked out that great this year …

4. Record some music.
I’ve got a pocket digital audio recorder. One track. Is that OK?

5. Meet Jeff Tweedy, John Stirratt, Nels Cline, Glenn Kotche, Pat Sansone and/or Mikael Jorgensen.
Standing among thousands at Jazz Fest: “Hey guys, listen to this!” Whizzing a CD at them. Tweedy cut in neck, nearly bleeds out, Stirratt slips in red puddle, dislocates shoulder while knocking over Sansone’s keyboards, crushing Sansone and knocking down Kotche’s drumkit, dislocating Kotche’s fingers as he piles into Jorgenen’s organ, causing an ungodly racket blowing out his eardrums. Cline appears to emerge unscathed, but has a spontaneous chicken pox relapse, forced to carry on one-man Wilco tour in socks.

Yeah, maybe not.

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