Great adventures in painting

2011 January 21
by Don Hammack

Carla and I have a couple of rooms we wanted painted. One was a guest bedroom/office, the other the guest bathroom. We decided to try to paint the smaller room ourselves. It was our first significant attempt at DIY.

It may be our last attempt at DIY. I give ourselves props, because we didn’t do anything that destroyed or damaged the room. In fact, I think we were close to getting the main chunks of surface area looking pretty good. We (read: she) picked out a color called Rusty Red. (Truth be told, the color was fine by me because it’s pretty maroon-ish.) We bought supplies, a drop cloth, the brushes, the rollers, the trays, the tape, etc. Last weekend, we cleaned the walls and taped on Saturday. We bought the good paint, the stuff that was supposed to be paint and primer in one. One coat, or so we read.

On Sunday, we “painted.” Oh, it was frightful looking. We were convinced we were idiots and had somehow screwed it up. I should have taken pictures, but the edges were uneven looking with the main sections, which weren’t terribly good looking, either. Monday, all Carla’s friends told her that reds and oranges take extra coats. See, we were that well prepared.

Monday night’s second coat made a big improvement. There were still light spots in the main sections, but nowhere near as bad. The edges looked a lot better. Carla took off the tape Tuesday, and there were uneven places on the edges. There were straight lines, but the lines didn’t match up. There were some small stair-step things happening.

We’d already realized after the first coat, we weren’t DIYers. The second coat made me a little more confident, but I didn’t want to deal with the pain anymore. We called in the pros. Paul and R.J. came by today to look at the office: $150. We dragged them in the bathroom: $100 to fix it.

We’ve learned that $300 (or whatever the from scratch price for the bathroom) would have been well worth paying. Lesson learned.

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  1. 2011 January 22

    My husband & I have a strict philosophy to never do anything ourselves that we can pay someone else to do.

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