Putt Putt to Taco Hut

2011 January 14
by Don Hammack

There was a place in Starkville, back when Tyrannosaurus Rex roamed the planet and Taco Bell had not been introduced to Vegas, called Taco Hut. It was, well and truly, awful. Maybe the worst food I’ve ever eaten.

We knew it was going to be bad when, after ordering nachos, our appetizers appeared. A paper plate with tortilla chips on it, I believe in a single layer, covered with cheese. Velveeta Cheese, so that should be covered with “cheese.” That was the “highlight” of the meal, since it’s all that has stuck with me.

I mean, Mexican food, or what we Americans make stand for Mexican food, should be so easy. Alas, it was not pulled off well in mid-1980s Starkville.

The only thing that place had going for it was a great bumper sticker. Putt Putt to Taco Hut. I don’t think the business lasted past our freshman year, but you would still see that on cars the next four years. (Yes, I was a five-year plan guy. I worked a year co-oping and left with no debt, so shove it.)

There’s absolutely no reason to miss Taco Hut, but I do. Technically I wouldn’t miss it specifically, but I’d miss being able to go to The Little Dooey and Christy’s Hamburgers. Little Dooey is so good, I specifically remember going there with $5.27 — exact change, a five or five ones, a quarter and two pennies — to get a large BBQ with hot sauce and slaw, waffle fries and a coke.

Man, I’m hungry. Amazing what thinking about bad food can do to you.

Putt Putt to Taco Hut.

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