Your guy or the other one

2011 January 4

You’re either a Sidney Crosby guy, or you’re a Alex Ovechkin guy. Me, I’m an Ovie guy. He scores. A lot. And spectacularly. He skates. He has a lot of fun on the ice. There’s a feature on where you can see all the goals in a game, as well as the good saves and big hits. Ovechkin often matches his goals with an equal or greater number of hits in the videos.

I’ve seen a lot more of Ovechkin because I follow the Capitals. Gone are the days where you could see games on ESPN and actually follow the NHL without second-rate cable networks or a satellite package of games, so I’m not seeing that much of Crosby. He seems like a good enough guy. He knocked on doors to deliver Penguins season tickets.

But he can whine. His nickname is “Cindy” Crosby. Such perceptions are magnified when you follow his biggest rival, both the team and the player. The latest kerfuffle happened in the Winter Classic.

As usual, Crosby whined. Penguins/Crosby fans will defend him. I’ll join the Caps fans in defending Steckel.

Because I’m a Ovechkin guy.

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