Welcome to the SEC

2011 January 3
by Don Hammack

I, for one, welcome the SEC’s new overlord, Charlie Weis. He will certainly have the Florida Gators churning through conference defenses. He famously bragged to his Notre Dame players that they would always have a “decided schematic advantage” against their opponents. It would have been frightening to see what the Irish would have done without him. His career record was 35-27 in South Bend.

The Patriots won three Super Bowls with him as offensive coordinator, but their greatest offensive output came after he was gone. My guess is one Tom Brady was more important to those three titles than Charlie Weis.

I think there’s a great Bud Light Real Men of Genius ad for Weis:

He said we’d always have a decided schematic advantage!

Thank you, Coach Fathead!

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