Riddle me this

2010 July 1
by Don Hammack

Has Jim Riggleman completely lost the plot? Can anyone explain this inning to me (see play-by-play below)? Riggleman pinch hits with Desmond, a shortstop, for the pitcher, and later in the top half of inning uses Morse, an outfielder, to pinch hit for Bernadina, the right fielder. Fair enough.

They go out in the bottom of the inning, and Desmond, the shortstop, goes to play right field. Wha? Then, they have to play swap gloves and send Alberto Gonzales, not the waterboarding attorney general but the shortstop, to right field and bring Desmond in to play short.

Swapping gloves in the middle of the inning? Isn’t that something that happens in Little League? Geez.

Washington – Top of 7th
Jonny Venters pitching for Atlanta
J Venters relieved P Moylan.
I Desmond hit for J Peralta.
I Desmond grounded out to shortstop.
N Morgan reached on bunt single to first.
M Morse hit for R Bernadina.
M Morse grounded into double play, shortstop to first, N Morgan out at second.
0 Runs, 1 Hits, 0 Errors

Atlanta – Bottom of 7th
Doug Slaten pitching for Washington
D Slaten relieved J Peralta.
I Desmond in right field.
M Prado grounded out to second.
M Cabrera hit by pitch.
C Jones walked, M Cabrera to second.
B McCann hit by pitch, M Cabrera to third, C Jones to second.
M Batista relieved D Slaten.
A Gonzalez in right field.
I Desmond at shortstop.

T Glaus popped out to second.
E Hinske walked, M Cabrera scored, C Jones to third, B McCann to second.
Y Escobar struck out looking.

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