41 is the new 55

2009 March 25
by Don Hammack

I knew it had to happen sometime, but it still took my breath away.

I ran over to Wendy’s for my traditional mid-week large chili. (Don’t laugh, it’s actually a pretty good value. And it’s not that terrible nutritionally with 9 grams of fat.) I’d grabbed 13 cents out of the change cup in the car, ready to plunk down my $2.13.

I get to the cashier and she asks, “Dine in or carry out?”

“To go, please,” I say. “I’d like a large chili and that’s it.”

She does her touchscreen magic and I reach across the counter to hand her my money, $2.13. As I do, I glance down at the register …

SENIOR -0.20

Oh. Brother.

“I’m not that old,” I say lamely.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she says.

Madcap awkwardness ensues.

She takes the $2.13, then gives the loose change back, sheepishly giving my senior discount change back on the $2. (Note to cashier: Read this.)

So, it’s official, at least in the eyes of Dave Thomas. I’m an old geezer. In my eyes, however, I remain forty-onederful.

My wife is also forty-onederful. Her birthday is coming up, and she’ll be forty-toohot.

Eat that, Wendy’s.

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  1. 2009 March 25
    Brian Trice permalink

    You are my agent!!!

  2. 2009 March 25


    My husband is actually younger than me (by three years) but he’s completely gray. Has been for years. I’m gonna make him start asking for the discount. In this economy? Every little bit helps.

  3. 2009 March 30
    Mike Sarzo permalink

    I’d still rather be carded for alcohol than be offered a senior discount before my time.

    Of course, as soon as I’m old enough to get said discount, I’ll wear that T-shirt that goes: “Senior Citizen: Now Gimme My Damn Discount!”

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