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2009 July 12
by Don Hammack

I’m not done with the Where Are They Now issue of Sports Illustrated, but I wanted to recommend this article on Earl Weaver by Tom Verducci. I enjoyed the writing, but what I really appreciated was good ol’ Earl Weaver baseball, which was actually years ahead of its time. He played for the three-run home run, hated the hit-and-run and the sacrifice bunt. That’s the kind of thing so-called Moneyball proponents espouse (and curmudgeonly Weaver says he’s never heard of “Moneyball“). And it’s the kind of thing that drives me nuts when Mike Bianco starts bunting guys ad nauseum. I think Bianco’s a heckuva coach, but his addiction to the sacrifice bunt (on both a tactical and strategic level) has seemed to hurt the Rebels.

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