Below the Mendoza Line

2009 June 27
by Don Hammack

Mario Mendoza was a light-hitting, slick-fielding infielder from the late-1980s and early-1990s. The joke was that if you found yourself listed below Mario in the batting average rankings, you were in big, big trouble. It was called the Mendoza Line. Eventually, it settled at .200.

This afternoon, after hopping out of the shower, I pulled out the scale. I’d hit 50 pounds lost since Carla and I got back from our honeymoon about three months ago. Shortly thereafter, I’d started loitering around the 200 neighborhood. Some days, a pound or two above. Then maybe a pound under.

I decided to wait until I was well and truly under 200 pounds before making the call. I’d check once a week or so, and last time I checked it was more like 205. That was a few weeks ago. So today, after a little housecleaning and yardwork, I showered and pulled out the scale.

Bang. 195. Below the Mendoza Line.

I was shocked. Claude Rains-shocked.

I hadn’t been eating particularly well. Not terribly, but not super-disciplined in my portion size and snacking. Carla and I still work out two nights a week, and I still take my weekend walks. Oh, and I moved the entire contents of our abode out of one place into a new one (with help from wife, dad and friends, naturally).

Anyway, I find myself down 60 pounds from our return in October 2007 and only seven pounds away from being 100 pounds down from my fattest several years ago.

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  1. 2009 June 27

    wow. 100 pounds? That’s seriously amazing. Congrats on the good work.

  2. 2009 June 27
    Don Hammack permalink

    Just short of 100 pounds, but it’s in the low-beams now. Thankfully, the best/worst photo to capture my scary girth washed away in Katrina. It was me following through quite poorly on a golf swing. Some good did come out of that storm.

  3. 2010 August 19
    Whitney permalink

    …. That is my video…

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