Basketball and “Thriller”

2009 June 25
by Don Hammack

We played a basketball game over in Pass Christian the night the “Thriller” videocame out. I remember that much, but I don’t remember we, the Mighty Bearcats, beat the Pirates or not. We missed the debut on MTV, but caught a later showing of it. (I’ll skip the “MTV used to show videos?” joke … er, I guess not.) That was out goal, for the gang to get back to Christa’s house and see it that evening. I guess that’s a sign of how big Michael Jackson was back then, and my most vivid memory of him. Thriller probably marked the peak of his powers to me, although “Off the Wall” seems to be a forgotten album. (The first side is much better than the second. There’s some great stuff on the first side, though.

Can’t embed the original, so enjoy the Lego version:

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  1. 2009 June 25

    Shelley Rickey & I watched the premier at her house…the first of many, many times. After school we would rush home b/c they would show the long version of it every hour on the hour.

    (What…no zombie jokes?)

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