Uh, yes you were, LeBron

2009 June 1
by Don Hammack

I don’t want to see the guy killed for doing it, but LeBron James messed up the other night by not shaking hands following the Cavs’ elimination by the Magic. The next day he said:

It’s not being a poor sport or anything like that.

Uh, yes it is, by very definition. Is he the worst sportsman in the history of the world? Hardly. He could have acted better in this case. Doesn’t take much to shake a hand or two, then meet the press afterward. That was far worse than a lapse in civility on the court (so says a former sportswriter, who says that players who bask in glory after success should be professional enough to face the music following failure).

In James’ defense, though, I’ll point out that there are folks complaining about his lack of sportsmanship who complain that NFL guys are far too lovey-dovey too quickly after a game. Some folks complain about a lot of stuff.

I’m just sayin’.

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