6.66% (or You Should Never Pay Attention to My Predictions)

2009 March 23


That’s my national ranking in the ESPN.com bracket contest. That means there are 4,321,892 entries ahead of me. Perspective? A drop in the bailout bucket. But, if you assigned everybody in the state of Mississippi an entry, I’d be DFL — by another 1.3 million-plus.

Where’d I go wrong? Start with the heart. I had Mississippi State in the Sweet 16, even as I chirped at folks on a message board about how low my expectations were for the Bullies. State was a fundamentally flawed basketball team (poor inside play) and it showed against a physical Pac 10 champion (at least that’s what people who were able to concentrate on the entire game tell me … stupid work).

So that’s a bunch of points lost. The rest? Outside a handful of MSU games during the season, I watched virtually no college basketball. I’d listen to the sports talkers on the radio occasionally, but I could probably name more English Premier League players than college basketball players thanks to the Guardian Online Football Weekly. I picked too many upsets (doesn’t it feel like the last two tournaments have followed the chalk?) and fell prey to some unfortunate SEC leanings.

But my upset picks are mostly gone by the next round, and all my Elite Eight and Final Four picks are still alive. I’ll move up the rankings some if those picks hold true, but it’s not pretty right now. That’s 6.66% is my percentile ranking. Get thee behind me, Satan!

Ironically, I’m doing better in a bracket group at yahoo.com. My bracket is 78th out of 97 among those at sportsjournalists.com that entered. (Five of the 97 entries didn’t fill in the bracket, and I’m told there’s one bracket where there’s no championship game prediction. That’s not just the score tiebreaker, they forgot to pick the game. Fail.)

My picks are roughly the same as the ESPN.com bracket. Seven of eight in the next round are alive (stoopid LSU), and my Final Four is still possible. The only thing that brackets got going for it is the name.  Ed Martin’s ATM Card is leading the pack, and other contenders include Shut Up Digger, Vitale’s Forehead and Raftery’s ONIONS! Also entered are Andy Kennedy’s Cab Driver, Eddie Munster Coaches Florida and Ghost of Mark Gottfried (one of those who forgot to enter his pick … guess that happens when you get fired midseason).

My bracket name?

One Dining Moment.

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  1. 2009 March 23
    Blake in Mississippi permalink

    Don. Love the blog. Blake

  2. 2009 March 24

    I’m doing pretty well – I’ve got 15 out of Sweet 16. GO MEMPHIS!!

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