The Wilco Jukebox – I Attack With Love

2009 April 23
by Don Hammack

With Jazz Fest right around the corner, with another Wilco performance to be enjoyed, I did a little homework and put together a Wilco jukebox from YouTube clips. What you’ll find:

  • Lots of concert footage
  • Some Wilco videos
  • Jeff Tweedy talking
  • Bandmates talking
  • Some homemade videos from fans
  • Some from shows I was at (namely Lollapalooza 2006)
  • A couple from Letterman
  • One with laundry
  • One with shopping carts
  • One using video game footage

What you won’t find:

  • A complete album (every one is missing at least one song, although the later ones are more complete)
  • Anything originally produced by me (I’m just organizing here, although perhaps I’ll go back and fill in the blanks)
  • Anything from the Mermaid Avenue records or Kicking Television (had to draw the line somewhere)
  • Hairspray

Enjoy …

Wilco – A.M.

Wilco – Being There

Wilco – Summerteeth

Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Wilco – A Ghost is Born

Wilco – Sky Blue Sky

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