Band names

2009 May 14
by Don Hammack

If you want the band name, you have to let me be the lead singer. Or at least a roadie …

  • Honey Bunches of Donald (stolen shamelessly from John Hodgman’s list o’ hobo names)
  • Tippling Rudyard Kipling ( + free time)
  • Crippling Tippling ( + free time)
  • Double Burn Bubba (work-inspired)
  • Cafe Disco (some TV show)
  • Del B. Vista and the Vistanaires (just me, baby)
  • I Will Stir-Fry (just me, baby)
  • Bon Haddock ( + free time)
  • Eyes Spouting Blood (Shakespeare)
  • Horse Kingdom Horse (Shakespeare)
  • Poor Yorick (Shakespeare)
  • Unmitigated Gall Bladder (Shakespeare, perversion of)
  • Domestic Humility (Great American documents, perversion of)
  • Self-Evident Sleuths(Great American documents, perversion of)
  • Self-Evident Youths(Great American documents, perversion of)
  • Satanic from the Sysco! (figure it out)
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