Happy birthday, Carla

2009 April 17
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by Don Hammack

Today marks the culmination of the Month of Carla. That’s right, it’s the Festival of Carla tonight celebrating her wonderful birthday with friends at The Cabana. It should be a stone cold gas.

We don’t hang around The Cabana as much as we used to right after the storm, but it’s a good place to lounge around outdoors and have a beer or three. I do miss the Irish Coast Pub, which got washed away by Katrina. We had a nice group that would go for Thursday Night Guinness Guzzles and would usually run into others we knew. (Hey! to Beth and Reggie, Boone, Cummings, Melissa)¬† I walk by the building frequently on my sojourns around the neighborhood, and Salute is a nice¬† place but it’s never achieved regular hang-around status for our gang.

A few weeks ago I found a reminder of what once was, about a half-block to the west of 15th Place. I looked down after heavy rains had further eroded the hill the Elks Lodge occupied and found this. Ah, the memories. Gone, but not forgotten. cliche and cliche, forever and ever …

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  1. 2009 April 17
    Jean Prescott permalink

    Festival of Carla? Is that anything like Festivus for the Rest of Us? But seriously, here’s to a grand and glorious culmination of the month. Happy, happy birthday, Ms. Biasi.

  2. 2009 April 17
    Don Hammack permalink

    Thanks, Jean. I’ll pass along the salutations.

  3. 2009 April 17

    I think we need a Festival of Kalisa around here. I believe I will suggest it. Please give your wife my best wishes for a wonderful year and keep us posted on what all the Festival includes.

  4. 2010 June 25
    ben kaufman permalink


    I was the GM of the Irish Coast . I am glad to have stumbled upon this forum
    And see the appreciation of what we were doing.
    We hope to reopen again one day anvyd any pictures or items
    That you or anyone may have found or collected pre or
    Post katrina would be appreciated for display.

    Please contact me at:

    Ben Kaufman

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